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"Astounding Software, Extremely Cooperative staff, Support whenever it is needed, Makes myspace and competition look like nothing! Those are just a few phrases that explain the absolutly incredible service offer..."

You guys are simply amazing! It really has been an amazing thing, being able to (as a new member to phpFoX) just send an e-mail, and then just simply get an e-mail back a few minutes to an hour later, and its personal. I've had to deal with other sites where i get generic replies, but you guys actually reply back in a timely, true fashion.

We've been running phpFox as the OnlinePopstar members-only site since February, 2007.

In that time, we've made several support requests, and ALWAYS receive prompt, thoughtful, and insightful responses from the phpFox team!

They make it so much easier to use this software and are right on hand to help in an emergency.

Since we've installed the software, we have over 650 new members and it's really helped our site take off!

Thanks, folks!

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Compare Social Networking Scripts
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Updated for 2016!

Where do I start? The company once again seems to be in their periodic sleep mode. I'm not a fan of these nap times... I've moved on to Dolphin by Boonex since they seem to continue to work hard on their product.

I've also found that CodeCanyon has some solid social networking scripts as well. Give them a look to see if that's something you're more interested in. You'll save money up front.

Updated for 2015!

I'm currently running a phpfox 3.6 website that I thoroughly enjoy. Way more features, far less bugs (zero so far) and very fun to use. It makes you feel that you've developed your own system. Yes, it takes time to get used to and it's very advanced, but any newbie can figure it out with some time.

If you're looking for a Social Networking script, then I suggest you check out phpfox today!

This is my old review, before 2012..

Tired of hearing all of the stories about what others "think" of certain Scripts, knowing they've never even purchased them?

So was I. That's why I decided to find out, for myself, what the deal was, with all of these different scripts that look and feel like MySpace.

phpFoX was created in 2005, by Ray Benc aka Natio. The script started out as a "custom" script which was sold to a few people. Seeing how quickly his script became popular, Ray Benc created "Hot Fox", which would eventually become "phpFoX'.

As soon as phpFoX gained popularity, in the beginning of 2006, phpFoX became "the future" of Social Networking Scripts. People flocked to see how powerful the script really was. Unfortunately, it wasn't as powerful as many believed it to be...

Not Even Close... I Was Shocked.

With Security issues, obfuscated code and various bug issues (including stability), phpFoX became a nightmare for many big sites.

Then came Version 1.5 ... phpFoX, as a company, commissioned an entire programming team to help them build something new, something flexible, something powerful. And they did.

The problem with phpFoX 1.5 was that there were far too many sites that were running the script, but not enough "quick fixes" to all of the bugs. The community was crying for early releases, not realizing the problems that would lie ahead.

It took almost a full year, but 1.6 is now available and completely full of new, powerful, community type features.

With the same rich features as 1.5, 1.6 was given a major overhaul from code to new components... including a very nice looking, feature rich Video System, similar to YouTube.

Here's just a few of the features of the Video System:

  • Support for users to upload videos direct from their computer or from sites like YouTube, MySpace, Google etc...
  • Video conversion is done by FFMPEG, which will convert videos into the .flv format which will allow users to view videos in a Flash video player.
  • Video conversion routine also creates a thumbnail image on the fly.
  • Option to either allow videos direct on your site or have them approved before they show up in the main video section.
  • Option to edit the "Allowed" file extensions

We all know that Video was the future of the Web, and it's finally hit us over the past 2 years. It's hit us pretty hard, as a matter of fact. Thankfully, we have many opportunities to monetize Video sites these days. Are you prepared?

With so many Social Networking Scripts available, it's hard to make a choice when it comes down to it...

That's why I'm going to walk you through phpFoX and it's competition... the worthy ones, anyway ;-)

Let's go ahead and get started, shall we?



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