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"Astounding Software, Extremely Cooperative staff, Support whenever it is needed, Makes myspace and competition look like nothing! Those are just a few phrases that explain the absolutly incredible service offer..."

You guys are simply amazing! It really has been an amazing thing, being able to (as a new member to phpFoX) just send an e-mail, and then just simply get an e-mail back a few minutes to an hour later, and its personal. I've had to deal with other sites where i get generic replies, but you guys actually reply back in a timely, true fashion.

We've been running phpFox as the OnlinePopstar members-only site since February, 2007.

In that time, we've made several support requests, and ALWAYS receive prompt, thoughtful, and insightful responses from the phpFox team!

They make it so much easier to use this software and are right on hand to help in an emergency.

Since we've installed the software, we have over 650 new members and it's really helped our site take off!

Thanks, folks!

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