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"Hi. I am a new client of phpFox, and I'd like to say the support team is excellent!! At first, I was discouraged about "email only" type support- because I'm used to dialing a number to get help with things... but the real time responses are soo fast and efficient, that it seems easier to just express your problem briefly, and they handle all the rest! There are just a few bad reviews about the software, as I found when I first began researching the product for my community's needs, but I have to say, like many others, I am definitely satisfied with phpFox!"

"I am very please with the product, the product support and the good vibes from phpfox and the phpfox user community. I can't believe I once considered purchasing another product from another company."

"Its great to have phpfox at our side, powering our community portal. The team provides us the service beyond our expectations, giving us 200% of undying support! If there are words beyond to describe excellent service then its "PHPFOX". "

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Compare Social Networking Scripts
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Are there other Social Networking Scripts out there?

I can't lie... if there are other Social Networking Scripts out there, they're either brand new (not known yet), or just not worthy of getting mentioned on this site.

What Other Social Networking Scripts?

The lack of Social Networking competition has existed since the birth of the industry...

The big names are phpFoX, DZOIC, Dolphin, Social Engine and AbleSpace. Other than that, there's no other competitors worth giving a mention about.

To be completely honest, most Social Networking Scripts are still playing catch up with the big Web 2.0 properties that already exist. Currently, phpFoX and Handshakes have made major steps in the right directions, with others following suit.


There's 5 good choices that you can choose from. Each of these scripts now come with a solid code base, and a solid programming team, bringing with each - years of experience in a field that was once considered unknown by most.

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