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"Hi. I am a new client of phpFox, and I'd like to say the support team is excellent!! At first, I was discouraged about "email only" type support- because I'm used to dialing a number to get help with things... but the real time responses are soo fast and efficient, that it seems easier to just express your problem briefly, and they handle all the rest! There are just a few bad reviews about the software, as I found when I first began researching the product for my community's needs, but I have to say, like many others, I am definitely satisfied with phpFox!"

"I am very please with the product, the product support and the good vibes from phpfox and the phpfox user community. I can't believe I once considered purchasing another product from another company."

"Its great to have phpfox at our side, powering our community portal. The team provides us the service beyond our expectations, giving us 200% of undying support! If there are words beyond to describe excellent service then its "PHPFOX". "

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Compare Social Networking Scripts
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phpFoX or DZOIC?

DZOIC Handshakes is, in my opinion right up there with phpFoX. Comparing these two is nearly impossible... on the one hand you have a great script with good customer service... on the other hand you have a little more stable script and good customer service.

So, phpFoX or DZOIC?

phpFoX Vs. DZOIC Handshakes ... the show down.

I sometimes feel that I am going to contradict myself when trying to compare these two. They're both so "realistic" when it comes to picking one to use on a REAL life community...

There's so much going on with these scripts, yet I believe phpFoX has a little more going on, overall. BUT, I truly believe DZOIC Handshakes is more stable when it comes down to "bugs" or "flaws".

I think if you take a step back and look at the two - you can almost feel a "bullet proof" feel to DZOIC, although there's some rough spots, too. The script is simply great, no doubts about it.

Then you have phpFoX with it's popularity, stories of either excellent support (if you ask long-term customers) and the horror stories of "no support" (rare, but you'll find them!). There's a lot of ex-clients who were banned from the forums for attempting to rip people off who bashed the script, too.

Overall, this script is very solid... yes, there has been some bad times as an owner of this script - IF you updated it to a newer version a year ago... 1.5 was a disaster. With 1.6, the stories have changed. Sure, there are some problems - but this is obvious. There's no perfect script when you have so many different setups being used to host the script... Operating Systems, PHP versions (the language), the setup of the server, etc. it can ALL make problems for the script if something is not right - but it's very rare.

Both come packed full of options. Both have been in the game for a very long time.


This is a little tough...

If someone told me to pick a script and start a community - and I had to choose JUST ONE, I would have to do some thorough planning and considerations.

In the end, I believe I would choose DZOIC Handshakes about 1% more of the time than I would phpFoX.

Why? Stability. While phpFoX is going good - it still has a few kinks here and there, including some small issues with a few plugins.

Either way - no matter WHICH script you choose, you can't go wrong with either one, I promise!

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