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"The Script is great! There's been problems but nothing that hasn't been fixed and every problem seems to be minor, much like any other software you'll find out there. The Support is First Class and the Forums are a huge help -- the community is very helpful! I'd definitely put my name on as a testimonial, I'm very happy with PHPFox!"

"phpFoX has given me possibilities in a site that i never thought were possible. There are similar scripts out there, but non with a helpful community, moderators, coders and great support staff. Phpfox really do take having your own community to the next level, and for the return on investment, the fee is nothing! "

"The staff at PhpFox continually goes above and beyond the call of duty in responding to each and every question I had before deciding on whether to join their wonderful community of satisfied web owners."

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Compare Social Networking Scripts
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Update for 2014: Would Buy Again

It's 2014 and I have a few things to talk about. 1. I'm still NOT a fan of phpFox's support. They're a bit shaky in some areas and still make me feel uneasy at times. However, as usual, the community is why you should purchase this script. You won't be disappointed. 2. The script is absolutely brilliant. It's extremely up-to-date in every manner and was developed by true professionals.

I purchased phpFoX in January, 2006. I had discovered it after playing with BuddyZone on a friends site and found it to be a much LESS buggy system, from testing it on their test server... but I still wasn't sure if I wanted to pay $300 for a script.

But, after thinking it over for a few days, I decided "the heck with it"... I purchased the script and instantly fell in love with how easy it was to install, setup and get people involved.

As a matter of fact, I had the site up and running, complete with a customized look, in only 1 whole day.

And Then, I Found The Answer.

Truthfully, I was completely blown away by not only how much my partners loved the site, but how much my USERS loved the site.

This wasn't the case on the BuddyZone site... they seemed to be worried about how much it was not like MySpace, not how much it WAS like it, which is a different story than what I was originally told.

Within only one month, my user base grew to over 4,500 users and not one of them had a complaint... we actually sent out mass messages trying to get bug/problem feedback/reports... nothing. Not 1 error in the error log, either.

We were blown away... seriously. We had all used vBulletin back in the day, but this was even more stable and user friendly than the most famous Forum System. I was amazed, and our users were thoroughly impressed...

6 Weeks into owning the site - we had 6,500 users!

Unfortunately, things went wrong... ON OUR part. Our Server admin accidentally deleted the database and could only find a backup with 4,300 users. Wow, talk about an upset! How unprofessional would we look?

Thankfully, about 90% of those users signed back up within 24 hours! They absolutely loved our community, and I thank phpFoX for that.

Then... the company seemed to fall apart a little in the summer of 2006.

We upgraded to a new version that they prematurely released, then all hell broke loose. The system became buggy and the users were freaking out. The Customer Support system on their part seemed to fall apart, too. Wow... we were always amazed by the amazing support and then BOOM! Things turned around like that...

Then things got a little better...

Then they released 1.5 and the entire community (phpFoX's own forum community) was going insane trying to figure out fixes for all of the bugs the system had... their support system was going through a major change at the time, along with their development team.

Nothing seemed to be going right...

A few months went by and things started getting back to normal (they have thousands of users, and a ton of new sales each day [think installs, upgrades, etc]).

Everything has been great since then... including the AMAZING release of version 1.6!

This version is SIMPLY THE BEST as far as overall functionality and features. We love it. It's truly amazing for the price you pay for it!



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