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"Hi. I am a new client of phpFox, and I'd like to say the support team is excellent!! At first, I was discouraged about "email only" type support- because I'm used to dialing a number to get help with things... but the real time responses are soo fast and efficient, that it seems easier to just express your problem briefly, and they handle all the rest! There are just a few bad reviews about the software, as I found when I first began researching the product for my community's needs, but I have to say, like many others, I am definitely satisfied with phpFox!"

"I am very please with the product, the product support and the good vibes from phpfox and the phpfox user community. I can't believe I once considered purchasing another product from another company."

"Its great to have phpfox at our side, powering our community portal. The team provides us the service beyond our expectations, giving us 200% of undying support! If there are words beyond to describe excellent service then its "PHPFOX". "

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phpFoX vs. AbleSpace

Update for 2014: Do not purchase AbleSpace

There's a reason you don't hear about them these days. Do not buy.

AbleSpace was created by ABK-Soft as a completely different Social Networking Script style. The script pushed the boundaries of Social Networking Scripts with solid programming, amazing features such as 3-D City, and a built-in Instant Messaging system.

How Does AbleSpace Compare?

AbleSpace is definitely a solid system, but there's a lot of issues with it that concern other users. Problems with recent bugs, obfuscated code and slow customer service responses have made the system a little less than desirable, if at all.

While the product screams with amazement, the lack of support over the past 4-6 months have really been a major disappointment.

Another MAJOR downfall of this system is 3D City. While, at one point, I thought this product was GREAT... I'm now trying to hide my face in shame. 3D City is being abused by other Website Administrators who hang around on the system (which is shared by ALL Websites) and spam others with THEIR site links.

What does AbleSpace do? Nothing...

I've heard stories of people getting banned from their forums for asking simple questions, which makes me wonder if they're running a legit company or not, sometimes. But, I give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that they are simply drowning in new customers and are having issues finding a good solution to fix their Support problems. I truly hope I'm right...

What's the different between phpFoX and AbleSpace?

The main difference is the price... while AbleSpace runs about 2 times higher than phpFoX, they also become cheaper for those who want to run 4+ sites. With phpFoX, this becomes a $1,200 charge. But, phpFoX's customer support department takes care of that when it comes to TAKING CARE of things.

Unfortunately, AbleSpace lacks in Customer Service. Pretty badly, according to some. phpFoX is actually very good when it comes to customer service. It's one of the best out of all of the scripts, if not the best.

AbleSpace has noticed that many people who buy a Social Networking System actually want to create MANY sites, using the same technology, based on different niche markets. Smart move...

AbleSpace has a special deal: Multi Domain License - $897

Nice, right? Yep! But, if you're only interested in purchasing 1 script, you'll be shelling out $597. Is it worth it? I believe so... in some cases. It really depends on your crowd.

phpFoX sells for $300, plus $75 to remove the "license", which basically removes all of the "" links. So, the total comes out to $375 ...

Now, when it comes to overall ease of use and ease of customization, phpFoX wins... hands down. Designers and Developers will find the code and structure of phpFoX to be complete and simple to use, simple to customize.

The Administration panel of phpFoX is very well laid out, although it could use a few extra features.

Both have Video capabilities, although AbleSpace's player looks cool, it lacks in many areas.

One major advantage phpfox has over AbleSpace is that it uses Search Engine Friendly URL's ...

phpFoX also comes with some awesome plugins, such as the vBulletin plugin that let's you integrate a vBulletin board into your site. Pretty awesome.

In the end, I believe PHPFox is now Superior to AbleSpace in features and overall functionality. I feel that phpFoX runs a much more reliable and trustworthy company that actually works to make their clients happy.

AbleSpace? Not so much, unfortunately. They're becoming forum spammers who try to spend insane amounts of time covering up their mistakes on these forums, rather than FIXING THEM FOR CUSTOMERS.





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