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"Hi. I am a new client of phpFox, and I'd like to say the support team is excellent!! At first, I was discouraged about "email only" type support- because I'm used to dialing a number to get help with things... but the real time responses are soo fast and efficient, that it seems easier to just express your problem briefly, and they handle all the rest! There are just a few bad reviews about the software, as I found when I first began researching the product for my community's needs, but I have to say, like many others, I am definitely satisfied with phpFox!"

"I am very please with the product, the product support and the good vibes from phpfox and the phpfox user community. I can't believe I once considered purchasing another product from another company."

"Its great to have phpfox at our side, powering our community portal. The team provides us the service beyond our expectations, giving us 200% of undying support! If there are words beyond to describe excellent service then its "PHPFOX". "

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phpFoX vs. BuddyZone by Vastal

BuddyZone was created by Vastal I-Tech as a MySpace Clone. The Script has some good features, but the biggest issue with this script is the Support system in place... now, it's not the worst - but it is far from the best.

They do have a forum, last time I checked... but it was very, very, very dead, to say the least. I remember seeing complaints about the script... they were quickly deleted. Not very classy, if you ask me.

The owner of the script has been very active in overly protecting his script and even accusing people of lying, which has created a lack of enthusiasm towards the script, itself.

How Does BuddyZone Compare?

BuddyZone was a great idea, when it was first created. Unfortunately, the script has not moved forward, as it should have throughout the past several years.

The creator(s) of the product built a very solid foundation by capturing what it's initial audience wanted... a MySpace clone. Unfortunately, it still resembles a 2006 MySpace clone. While the product does have a Video Component, it is very old and tired looking... it uses a very simple function set that keeps it looking like it should have ... 2 years ago!

The script, at one point, had good support, but it grew. The product grew, and support did not... which, obviously, created some major issues. As much as the owner tried to take care of issues, they did not happen with ease.

First off, I believe that the owner should have taken criticism as a way to better the product. Unfortunately, he took it as disrespect and flamed customers who gave their 2 cents. I've seen it on public forums, too (by the owner, himself).

Do I think the script is bad? No, it's an OK script... but the price is entirely too high for what you get. Little support, possibility of being flamed, and little growth over 2 years? Not worth it, in my opinion. Not when you have so many other great scripts with very professional support in place.

What's the different between phpFoX and BuddyZone?

I feel at ease when I tell you that the biggest difference is: SUPPORT. PROFESSIONALISM. SECURITY.

I believe that phpFoX is a company built around a Script, whereas BuddyZone is built around a Company with too many "technical services". They offer a lot of products, all of which do not look very professional. They do not hire professional Support people and they do not listen to the public...

phpFoX, DZOIC, ABK-SOFT and others DO listen and are very professional.

Do I recommend BuddyZone? NO.

Not at all. The price is very high, support is almost non-existant (what I consider support... and what most others consider support), the company does not come off as a Professional company.

I do not recommend BuddyZone because of these issues. Hopefully, they see this and actually understand what I'm saying here - so they can build a better Business and script. But, from what I've seen and dealt with, they probably will not...



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