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"Hi. I am a new client of phpFox, and I'd like to say the support team is excellent!! At first, I was discouraged about "email only" type support- because I'm used to dialing a number to get help with things... but the real time responses are soo fast and efficient, that it seems easier to just express your problem briefly, and they handle all the rest! There are just a few bad reviews about the software, as I found when I first began researching the product for my community's needs, but I have to say, like many others, I am definitely satisfied with phpFox!"

"I am very please with the product, the product support and the good vibes from phpfox and the phpfox user community. I can't believe I once considered purchasing another product from another company."

"Its great to have phpfox at our side, powering our community portal. The team provides us the service beyond our expectations, giving us 200% of undying support! If there are words beyond to describe excellent service then its "PHPFOX". "

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Compare Social Networking Scripts
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phpFoX vs. Boonex Dolphin 6

Update for 2014: Boonex and PHPFox are the best!

I have nothing but great things to say about Boonex and their staff. They're great to work with and I'd do Business with them again in a heartbeat. PHPFox seems to be up and down at times, but they're definitely a great script.

Dolphin 6, by Boonex, has seen some amazing growth over the past few years. I remember in 2006, when I first noticed this script, it was mediocre, to say the least...

Now, in 2008, they've released a MUCH improved script with Dolphin 6.

How Does Dolphin 6 Compare?

Dolphin 6 (by Boonex) is a nice looking script, complete with a lot of features. But I've noticed a lot of the features lack in many ways.

For one, they do not seem to have Search Engine friendly URL's that would help in creating more traffic for your site, bringing in more users and more revenue. This, to me, is a major disadvantage.

They do have a nice video component that

What's the different between phpFoX and Dolphin?

SUPPORT. You do get what you pay for. Let's be honest here... if you're running a community and get 4,000+ members and all of the sudden you experience problems - who do you run to for help?

Nobody, that's who. You have to wait a long time in order to get help OR you pay someone a few hundred bucks to fix the issue(s).

I like phpIzabi, but I'm also very good with php. That's the difference... and even that doesn't keep me from using a paid script. Who wants to be wasting time writing or fixing code - when it's all right there, thanks to paying up front?

In my opinion, phpFoX beats phpIzabi hands down. There's just no good reason to save money in the frontend, knowing you'll waste money in the backend of the site.

But, in the end - it's obviously your choice. Just don't say I did not warn you!

The script is very attractive and it does work pretty well. But, it's not easy to customize. With that being said - they DO have some free customizations, addons, themes, etc. at the phpIzabi .com site!

(Stay away from the .net site and save money)


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