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phpFoX vs. Social Engine

2014 Update: Wouldn't Purchase SE

Social Engine seems to be on it's way out.., I've heard bad things about the product lately, but I haven't tried it lately.

As a matter of fact, it's a dead on "look", when compared to; and they even claim that it's a platform, rather than a simple script... Only time will tell!

How Does Social Engine Compare?

To be honest, I'm not sure - just yet. I have to admit, Social Engine looks a little fascinating, but it's still a baby and it will still be hard to compare the script... until it gets a little older. I've seen a TON of Social Networking Scripts come to life and die a quick death after many promises.

I do believe that, if they continue to move forward as a platform, that they could create quite a buzz in the industry. But, until then, I do not suggest that you run out and purchase it as it's still fairly new at this point.

I will update this page in the near future.

What's the different between phpFoX and SocialEngine?

As I stated above:

I'm still not entirely sure about how well this script is going to pan out in the future, so you might want to put your card back into your wallet/purse, until then.

I will definitely make a better review of Social Engine within the next few months.

date: March 15, 2008.



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